High Filtration Vacuuming

   To insure a cleaner healthier environment we use Backpack vacuums which have proven to be  43% more efficient than a commercial upright vacuum. Our standard commercial backpacks are suction only or direct suction vacuums. This means they capture dirt and dust with the least amount of contact, preserving the life of flooring and the cleanliness of the environment.

High filtration vacuuming helps to reduce pollen, dander, dust, and other pollutants. Numerous studies have shown that carpet traps soil and allergens that settle to the ground, so they cannot be kicked back into the air and inhaled. The downside is carpet that is not properly maintained can turn into a “dust sink”, able to hold more than its weight in soil. Consistent vacuuming with a high filtration commercial vacuum is key to reaping the health benefits of carpet, so it doesn’t become a nesting place for soil and allergens.

It is also essential to vacuum hard flooring to effectively capture dust. Dust mops and brooms are notorious for kicking up dust and leaving it hanging in the air to settle after the cleaning crew is gone. A suction-only or direct suction backpack vacuum captures soil and dust directly off hard floors, rather than pushing it into a pile and into the air first.